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One of the concerns of the Governments of ECOWAS and the Sahel member countries is undoubtedly the increase in volume and value of trade in agricultural products, food and livestock at regional level. However, both the physical and non-physical barriers are crippling intra-regional trade. The objectives AGRICTRADE actions for the next five years are to substantially reduce the physical and nonphysical barriers and to increase the value and volume of intra-regional trade by at least 40%.

In this line, AGRICTRADE will contribute to improving trade in agricultural, food and livestock production in Sahel and West Africa through provision of tools and market information necessary for promotion of trade in agricultural, food and livestock products in Sahel and West Africa and dissemination of information on instruments of regional trade policies and trade opportunities relating to the products, agricultural inputs and livestock. The expected output(s) (IRs) Disseminated information on markets cross-border trade flow and barriers to trade, increased networking and capacity of private and public market players, information about regional polices, instruments and tools on trade that will result in increased commercial transactions on staple foods and livestock in the Sahel and West Africa region.

AGRICTRADE is in process to setup the West Africa Agricultural Commodities Exchange (WAACE) in French Bourse des produits agricoles d’Afrique de l’Ouest (BOPAO).

The objective is to create the conditions for the promotion of dynamic and integrated national and regional markets with well-equipped and dynamic organizations and networks of actors for the growth and diversification of trade.